Coin Master Rare Cards List 2023 [With Cost]

Have you ever wondered how many rare cards are available in the Coin Master game? Here you will find the complete list of all the rare cards available in this game.

Rare cards in this game are nothing but cards that are really hard to find in this game. And these cards are really useful in this game to get coin master free spins, coins, rewards, pet foods, and many other things.

But with single cards, you can not get rewards in the game; you have to find the whole collection of the cards to avail yourself of all these rewards.

Some of these coin master cards you can get in the raid, and some of them you can get from chests and special events. Depending on your coin master village level you can get rewards in the game if you are on a higher level you will get more rewards.

And if you open the chests when you are in the boom village in coin master then there are high chances you can get the rare cards in the chests.

Coin Master Rare Cards List

Coin Master Rare Cards

Depending on the availability of any particular card here we have shared them in easy, medium, rare, very rare, and rarest categories.

Card NameRarity
ArmstrongVery High Rare
BlizzVery High Rare
Barrel tankVery High Rare
Cosmic CarlVery High Rare
CrusaderVery High Rare
Farmer FengVery High Rare
Martian LettuceVery High Rare
Jollu JasperVery High Rare
The BeastVery High Rare
ToreroVery High Rare
Top KnutVery High Rare
Aztec PrincessHigh Rare
AndromedaHigh Rare
Elder ElkHigh Rare
Creaky CrowHigh Rare
HotrodHigh Rare
Hobby HorseHigh Rare
Mythical TunesHigh Rare
KettleHigh Rare
SantaHigh Rare
PunkyHigh Rare
Smoking PipeHigh Rare
SatyrHigh Rare
CleopatraMid Rare
Baby TrissMid Rare
Fighting FredMid Rare
ExcaliburMid Rare
Gentle DelphiMid Rare
Fighting MonkMid Rare
KingsfoilMid Rare
NessieMid Rare
Protly PeteMid Rare
Tall TimMid Rare
EvidenceLow Rare Card
Cheerful ChadLow Rare Card
FlamurLow Rare Card
FlamingoLow Rare Card
FridaLow Rare Card
FondueLow Rare Card
Gnome HouseLow Rare Card
GenieLow Rare Card
Jelly FishLow Rare Card
Holy MonkLow Rare Card
MedusaLow Rare Card
Little LenyaLow Rare Card
Mighty WizardLow Rare Card
Merry MatildaLow Rare Card
PhantomLow Rare Card
Mythical DomeLow Rare Card
Santa’s SledLow Rare Card
Santa’s HelperLow Rare Card
ScarecrowLow Rare Card
SilverbackLow Rare Card
Builder BeaverVery Low Rare
African WarriorVery Low Rare
CleopatraVery Low Rare
Caring CathyVery Low Rare
El tigerVery Low Rare
DiabloVery Low Rare
KettleVery Low Rare
Holy MonkVery Low Rare
Martian WineVery Low Rare
Magic TreeVery Low Rare
OlympiasVery Low Rare
MastershipVery Low Rare
Sneaky JaguarVery Low Rare
TotoVery Low Rare
Pink EddyVery Low Rare

So this is the complete list of all the rare cards you can find in the coin master game. It depends on many things and luck is one of them as any user can easily find it or not in this game.

How to Get Rare Cards in Coin Master?

Now if you are a new player in the game and you may not know how you can get rare cards in the coin master game. So here are some tips that can increase your chances to get rare cards in this game.

  • First, you check out our website regularly as we keep sharing the list of some links that give you free spins and coins in the game. But sometimes during some special events, you may get some of these cards also.
  • Keep raiding your opponents as there are high chances to get these rare cards in the loot you get from them.
  • Collect as many chests as you can and keep opening them in the game and you can also find coin master rare cards in them also.

Yes, so these are some tips that you can follow in the coin master game and it will increase your chances to get all these cards.


What are the rarest cards on coin master?

If we have to select the top 5 rarest cards in this game then they should be Cosmic Carl, Farmer Feng, Andromeda, Barrel Tank, and Armstrong.

How do you get rare gold cards in Coin master?

The only way you can get the rare gold cards in this game is to get them from the chests. So yes, keep opening the chests in the game and you can get these rare gold cards.

Is Lenny the lefty a rare card?

Yes, it is one of the rare cards in this coin master game and it’s very difficult to find in the coin master game.


So here you can find the complete list of the Coin Master Rare Cards. We have divided all the cards depending on their availability in the above table. If you have any questions about it then let us know in the comment box.

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