How To Get Free Pet Food on Coin Master? [Complete Guide]

Want to know how you can get free pet food in coin master? Then here is a complete guide on it with 4 free and 1 paid working method. If you just started playing coin master and are new to this game it may be hard for you to keep your pets awake in the game.

But it is most important to keep your pets awake because they help you to build villages in coin master and also defend your village from enemy attacks.

And the only way you can keep your pets awake in the coin master game is by feeding them food and here you will find how you can get free food.

There are mainly 5 ways you can get free pet food in this game of which 4 are paid and 1 is free we cover all of them here in this article.

And no matter in which village you are, you need to feed your pets even in the boom villages in the game also. So now let’s see all the working methods that can get you free food for your pets in this game.

How to Get Pet Food in Coin Master?

How to Get Pet Food in Coin Master?

As we mentioned above there are 4 freeways and one 1 paid way you can get food for your pet in this game.

Social Media Rewards

Game developers keep sharing a few links on their social media that can give you free coin master spins, coins, pet foods, and many other things.

And in this website, we have shared all the links you can get used to getting all these free rewards in the game.

But most of the time you get with these links are free spins and free coins only. Rarely on some special events, you can get free pet food in the coin master game.

Regular Calendar Rewards

Every week in this game you can collect free rewards offered by the developers. And in these weekly and monthly rewards, you may get free food for pets.

All you have to do to collect these free pet food rewards in coin master is open the game and collect the rewards by tapping on the button.

But you can collect these rewards once a week only and every month also. So once you have collected the rewards you have to wait for another week to get new rewards and pet food.

Use Slot Machine

This is the most common and effective way you can get free pet food in the coin master game. All you have to do is keep spinning in the slot machine and if you are lucky you will get the pet food.

To increase the chances to get pet food in the slot machine to spin when you don’t have food to feed your pets. This is not an official thing but many gamers have experienced and shared their experience of doing it.

Play Game Daily

Yes, you may have gotten free pet food in coin master by just playing this game regularly on your device. Many coin master players have experienced this when they get a full bucket of food just only after opening the game without collecting any rewards or spinning the slot machines.

In Game Purchase

This is the only paid method that can give you the pet food in the coins master straight away. But for this, you have to spend the money to get free food.

All you have to do is open the game, purchase the pet food from the purchase list and make the payment. We don’t recommend you spend the money on it if you can get free pet food with the above methods in the coin master game.

How to Feed Food to Pets in Coin Master?

Now if you have the food in this game using the above methods but don’t know how to feed it to your pets? Check out the below step-by-step process.

  • There is an option of Pet next to the Spin button available in the coin master game’s dashboard, simply click on that button.
  • Now you will see all your pets, from there select the pet you want to free the free food in coin master.
  • And then simply tap on the ‘Pet Treats’ button available there, and it will give treats to the pet you have selected.

So using the above method you can very easily feed the food to all the pets you have in this coin master game.

FAQs on Free Coin Master Pet Food

How do I feed my pet on Coin Master?

Feeding your pet on the coin master game is really easy. All you have to do is select your pet and feed them. Follow the process we have covered in this article for more details.

What is the best pet in Coin Master?

Foxy is one of the best pets in the coin master as it helps you a lot during the raid. You can unlock this pet in village number 4 in this game.

What does Tiger pet do in Coin master?

Tiger pet will increase your winnings when you raid other villages. It increases the coins you can win in a single raid.


So as you know now getting free food for your pets in coin master is not hard if you know the correct ways. All you have to do is follow all the tricks we have covered above and we recommend you go with the free methods only.

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